In order to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and its new variant, we encourage all dancers to get vaccinated.

These are challenging times for the performing arts, we will be back soon to our new normal and hopefully, more united.

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In Studio




Master classes and workshops in classical and contemporary ballet for all levels

High quality training

coaching, guidance and professional preparation for  ballet competitions

Available for contemporary and classical choreography


Artist Philosophy


The work that I do requires a classically trained dancer with the ability and willingness to discover a visceral connection with the material while being present in the moment.
Beyond a traditional form of expression, I consider dance as a powerful tool to ignite dialogues across cultures, artistic disciplines and civic awareness. 



Mr. Duran is currently a faculty member at the School of Ballet Arizona and is also a sought after coach and master teacher. His teaching philosophy includes an emphasis on basic alignment, and  the awareness of aesthetic lines. He focuses on developing dancers' attention to details while nurturing artistry and movement quality.  His professional training is Vaganova based including diverse curriculum applications, which provide students with the tools needed by most dance-makers and professionals today.

Originally from Barquisimeto-Venezuela, Mr. Duran is also an imaginative choreographer and a dynamic collaborator.  He studied at the Fundacion Arte Nuevo and danced professionally with several companies including the National Ballet of Caracas, Danzahoy, Tulsa Ballet Theatre and eight consecutive seasons with the Eugene Ballet Company. He has worked with such choreographers as, Vicente Nebrada, Luz and Adriana Urdaneta, Jacques Brocket, Maria Rovira, Mauricio Wainrot, Robert Battle, Edwaard Liang, Jessica Lang and Toni Pimble among others.

Flat Out Dark

Performed at the Boston Contemporary Dance Festival


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